Frequently Asked Questions

So how does this work?

It’s easy! Here’s the four-step fundraising process:

  1. Call your sales representative or visit the Butter Braid® website to fill out the order tabulator and email it back to your sales
  2. Receive your promotional materials and order forms, set goals and begin selling!
  3. Two to three days after the end of your selling period, submit your order by phone or on our website.
  4. A representative will arrive with your order at the prescheduled delivery location and time and assist in organizing your order for dispersal.

How do I get started?

Either give us a call at 918.740.4156 or fill out this form.

How long can Butter Braid® pastries stay out of a freezer?

After receiving the delivery, you will have about 3 hours to sort and deliver the orders. The individual sellers can use coolers during the warmer months to help extend this time. At the delivery your sales representative can discuss any further precautions that need to be taken.

Why can’t I buy them in stores?

Butter Braid pastries are a hand-braided pastry made in Iowa, IQF (individually quick frozen) frozen and shipped especially for your group. By offering Butter Braid pastries exclusively for fundraising, superior quality is maintained and each customer is guaranteed fresh product.

What should I expect at delivery?

A RSF representative will deliver your order and assist in organization prior to distribution. Our professional and courteous personnel will inventory the order for accuracy, demonstrate the sorting process, and answer any questions you may have.

How long does this fundraiser take?

We are available to assist in setting your sale dates. A normal selling period is 2-3 weeks. The date the sellers should return their order and the delivery date are both printed on the forms. The delivery date is scheduled before your sale starts, usually 12-14 days after the order is submitted.

Is there a minimum order?

Call your RSF sales representative, John Daniel, to discuss any minimum order requirements and any delivery charge that might be added.

How does payment work?

There are no upfront costs to begin your sale. Payment for your order is not due until your sale has completed. Collect money as you sell and use this fund to purchase your product. A check payable to Rise N Shine Fundraiser, LLC is due at the time of delivery.