Ten Reasons to Use Butter Braid® Brand Fundraising

  1. Profit, Guaranteed: $6.00 per Butter Braid® pastry
  2. Easy: Exceptional quality = easy & repeat sales
  3. Quick: 4-5 week fundraiser (includes delivery)
  4. No risk: No upfront costs or “leftover” inventory
  5. Free delivery*: Includes order breakdown
  6. Less competition: Not sold in retail stores
  7. No order minimums: buy only what you sell
  8. No contracts: No binding agreements
  9. Local company: Tulsa-based, family-owned
  10. Butter Braid pastries: The product that sells itself

Butter Braid® frozen pastry dough comes in a variety of flavors and offered exclusively through our fundraisers. It is very easy to prepare — simply let rise, bake, drizzle with icing and ENJOY!

We provide a full-color customized order form for each seller, along with posters for your group and access to our website if there are any questions. Having a RSF representative deliver your order at the set time and place allows for smooth, easy conclusion to your sale.

Butter Braid pastries are growing in popularity throughout the United States. These high quality pastries have been a welcome change from the pizza, wrapping paper, popcorn or candy sales that groups have been selling for years.

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High School Fundraisers

Lawton High School’s Senior Class sold 600 with only 80 students and made $3,300.00!
Destiny High School sold 103 with only 15 active cheerleaders and made $566.50!
Tuttle High School Baseball Teams sold over 700 with only 29 players and made $3850.00!

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