Top Ten Tips for a Great Butter Braid® Brand Fundraiser!

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1) Make a list of potential customers and people to help you sell.

Good customers are relatives, neighbors, family friends, co-workers of your parents, teachers, coaches, church members, etc. Good people to help you sell are siblings, parents/guardians and friends! Perhaps you can convince a parent or guardian to take an order form to work!

2) Start selling right away to meet your goal.

Don’t wait until the last minute to start selling and do your part to reach your goal.


3) Be sure to introduce yourself to your customers.

Tell them about your group, what you are raising funds for, what your goal is, and ask if they would like to support your efforts! Be sure to smile, be polite and always thank your customers.

4) Tell your customers about what you’re selling.

People love Butter Braid® pastries, but if they are ordering for the first time, tell them a little bit about the product.

  • It is a light and flaky pastry that is hand-braided and comes in a variety of mouthwatering fillings.
  • It is made with 100% real butter and other high-quality ingredients.
  • The pastry comes frozen and will keep for many weeks in the freezer.
  • Butter Braid pastries are great for holidays and other special occasions.
  • It is not available in stores, so they might want to stock up since another fundraiser might not come around again for awhile.

5) Be sure to tell customers the expected delivery date.

Since Butter Braid pastries are a frozen product, you will need to ensure that your customers will be home on the day you deliver to them. Or, you will need to keep your customers’ pastries frozen until other arrangements can be made.

6) Do not sell door-to-door without adult supervision after dark.

Be sure to ask your parent/guardian before calling and/or emailing customers.

7) Collect money when you make the sale.

Keep all money in an envelope or another safe place and turn in your order form and money on time.

8) Keep Butter Braid pastries FROZEN on delivery day!

Butter Braid pastries must be kept frozen, so be on time to delivery.

Deliver to your customers right away (make sure they are home and instruct them to put it in their freezer). If your customer is not home, you need to put the pastries in a freezer until you can get them delivered.

Butter Braid pastries should not be left out, should not be left in a back pack, should not be left on a door step, should not be left in your locker, you get the point. Keep them frozen!!!

9) Enjoy knowing your sales made a difference.

Your customers will enjoy an awesome product in return for their donation!
We hope that you will enjoy the reward of your sales efforts!

10) Most important — have fun! We want you to have a great experience!