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    Ilgtspējība: ūdens, Augsne, Klimats tehnoloģija 0 Komentāri skatījumi 0 Kā lauksaimniekiem, we have a positive story to tell about the role we play in mitigating climate change. Our efforts to sequester pulsācijas algoritms often go unnoticed.

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    Plants perform the work, through the natural process of photosynthesis. For this reason, trees and forests are an important part of the solution to climate change. Tirdzniecības čempionāts are farmers.

    We raise plants for a living—and by pursuing certain agricultural practices, we are turning our fields into factories of carbon sequestration. This roadside novelty may look to the past, but in our province looked to the future when it established a protocol for conservation cropping.

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    The idea was to create a market in carbon offsets for large emitters of greenhouse gases, including oil and gas producers as well as farmers, who can introduce no-till techniques on their land and lower their use of fossil fuels. Tirdzniecības čempionāts a partner, I started a company to help farmers participate in this new system. I also have a crop consulting business called Beyond Agronomy follow us on Twitter!

    tirdzniecības čempionāts

    In our area, piemēram, a farming system with tillage may store around 12 tonnes of carbon per acre in the soil. Farmers who adopt no-till and the best methods of carbon sequestration, tomēr, have increased this level to twice that of conventional farmers at 25 tonnes per acre.

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    The best part is that we have the ability to increase our capacity to store more through better practices and technology. This improvement is the result of new thinking and conscientious planning.

    tirdzniecības čempionāts

    Traditional agricultural practices involve the deliberate disruption of the ground through plowing or cultivation.

    This practice also speeds up the breakdown of stored soil carbon—and if our goal is to store more carbon, we have to farm in ways that allow us to grow food while disturbing the soil as little as possible. It leaves the rest alone.

    tirdzniecības čempionāts

    The result is an accumulation of stored soil carbon over time. Instead of letting them run randomly over our fields, they travel on tirdzniecības čempionāts wheel tracks called tram lines. This limits compaction from machinery to a small area and eliminates the need to aerate the soil through cultivation.

    tirdzniecības čempionāts

    We let the plants do the aerating for us, which leads to an increase in above and below ground biomass carbon. Combining our systems of no-till and controlled-traffic farming with balanced crop nutrition allows us to store more carbon each year. This strategy is good for the environment because it keeps more carbon in the soil and out of the air, lessening the impact of climate change, but it also has economic advantages.

    tirdzniecības čempionāts

    It improves nutrient cycling and water efficiency, makes yields more stable, and reduces the number of times machinery must pass over fields, saving time, labor, wear and tear, un degvielu.