Penis Rash and Cellulitis: Causes and Treatment Options

even though the penis is a pretty tough organ which is constructed to withstand – and derive delight and enjoyment from – a whole lot of friction, the penis pores and skin itself is virtually rather sensitive and delicate. (delicate isn’t always a word maximum guys like implemented to any part of their penis, however it’s a truth.) this is why such a lot of factors of top penis care revolve round taking care of and defensive the penis skin. it’s also one cause why a penis rash is a reasonably commonplace situation for plenty guys. there are many things which can be accountable for the improvement of a penis rash. one in every of them is called cellulitis.

what is cellulitis?

because the Mayo clinic places it, cellulitis is “a commonplace, potentially serious bacterial skin infection.” when cellulitis is gift, the pores and skin is normally swollen and pink. It is also painful whilst touched and may also be a piece warm. A fever may accompany cellulitis, and the rash might also change into blistering.

even though cellulitis is commonplace, it most often takes place at the legs. but, it can arise someplace else, inclusive of on a man‘s penis. despite the fact that it first appears at the legs or somewhere else, if it’s miles left untreated, it is able to spread to other elements of the body – and on occasion that spreading can occur pretty quick.

even as the penis rash factor of cellulitis may be disturbing to a person, there can be critical effects past that. If the situation spreads into the bloodstream, it could be very serious certainly. So treating any symptoms pof cellulitis early no longer handiest facilitates with the less extreme rash-like components, it also can save you a much greater extreme state of affairs.


So cellulitis is a bacterial contaminationbut how does it begin? properly, first, it’s miles resulting from both staphylococcus or streptococcus bacteria – or by a aggregate of both. In almost all cases, those bacteria are able to get into the body through a reduce or crack within the pores and skin. Even “small” cracks like those associated with athlete’s foot can bring about micro organism entering into the body. it is also possible for an animal chunk to transfer micro organism into the frame.

that is one motive why it’s far essential to constantly easy any cuts or scrapes and to pay attention to this kind of issues to peer in the event that they display signs of infection. Cuts at the toes may be in particular inclined, as the sweat that accumulates whilst carrying socks can entice bacteria; similarly, bare feet also are an easy goal for entry if cut or cracked.

some humans can be extra prone to cellulitis than others. as an instance, human beings who have a weakened immune machine lack the resources to combat off a bacterial infection as effectively as is probably preferred. people who are overweight actually have a higher hazard.


Getting set off remedy can help a “mild” case from developing into some thing serious. So if a penis rash or rash somewhere else is probably cellulitis, a person have to take a look at with his physician for a diagnosis.

remedy generally includes antibiotics to fight the bacterial infection and possibly ache relievers to cope with some of the symptoms. regularly cremes or creams may be prescribed to help address the rashy factors of cellulitis.

when a man has a penis rash from cellulitis or different causes, remedy will be greater effective if his usual penis fitness is not already impacted. ordinary software of a super penis fitness creme (health professionals endorse guy 1 guy Oil, that’s clinically verified slight and secure for pores and skin) can be a particular plus in this regard. secret’s keeping the skin nicely moisturized, so discover a first-class crème that consists of a combination of a excessive give up emollient (along with shea butter) and a herbal hydrator (together with nutrition E). For added safety, the crème have to consist of other important vitamins as nicely, which includes A, B5, C and D.


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