Privacy Policy

You are able to find out more about our Privacy Policy below. The privacy policy has to be short and easy. In the instance of Metamask their privacy policy is readily available for anybody to read.

You could possibly be asked to supply info about yourself to register for a service provided by a Co-Branded Partner. Wherever we transfer your private information, we’ll take reasonable measures to make certain that your privacy rights continue to get protected. It does not include information that has been anonymized such that it does not allow for the ready identification of specific individuals.

If you don’t want information collected through the usage of cookies, there’s a very simple procedure in most browsers which allows you to automatically decline cookies or be given the selection of declining or accepting the transfer to your computer of a specific cookie (or cookies) from a specific website. You may opt not to give information that we request, but if you do that, we might not have the ability to supply you with a relevant service or a certain feature for a 3M Internet Site, App, or product. Anonymous info and non-personal information could be utilized to understand demographics and trends, we might also utilize anonymous or non-personal info to improve and maintain applications and solutions.